Fortnite Season 9 Guide: Visit 3 Different Clocks (UPDATED)

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Neo Tilted clock

For the first time since Week 5 of Season 9, a guide worthy challenge has presented itself. Thankfully, the Fortbyte system has really picked up the slack with regards to interesting challenges. This week’s most interesting challenge is one that asks you to visit three different clocks.

The three clocks in question are clock towers, so they’re fairly easy to spot. However, two of the towers tend to be tucked away in low trafficked areas and one is in such poor shape you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s no longer a clock at all. The three clocks can be found at: Happy Hamlet, Junk Junction and Neo Tilted.

Below is an image with all three clock towers circled: the Desert Sundial is circled in red, Junk Junction is circled in yellow and the Neo Tilted one is circled in blue.

UPDATE: we mistakenly thought that Happy Hamlet housed the clock for this challenge, but it does not. Sorry for any confusion caused.


Fortnite Clock Locations Map

Fornite three clocks map

All the clocks required to complete this challenge are congregated on the western side of the map, from the very south to the very top. If you grab a vehicle near the dirt racetrack and head to Junk Junction, you can make a nice trip from the very north to the very south visiting every clock along the route and knock this challenge out in a single match. You can use the slipstream from Tilted to get to the desert sundial very easily.


Happy Hamlet Clock*

Happy hamlet clock

The Happy Hamlet clock has a fairly early European atheistic, matching the theme of its host town. You’ll find it in the direct centre as the town’s centrepiece, with the clock facing east. It is located at D9 on the main map’s grid.

*Editor’s note: this clock is not right as part of the challenge.

Desert Sundial Clock

Visit Different Clocks

Contrary to what you think as it’s an obvious choice, the Happy Hamlet clock is not actually related to this challenge. Mr. Epic has instead decided to be sneaky and choose the sundial out in the desert (a regular spot for weekly challenges). You simply just have to land on top of the small mountain and it will count as part of your challenge. G9 on the Fortnite map.


Junk Junction Clock

Junk Junction Clock

The Junk Junction clock tower is likely to be the one that bamboozles the most players. This is actually the old clock tower from ‘past’ Tilted Towers, moved to Junk Junction for deconstruction. However it is in such bad shape that the clock on the clock tower is no longer located at the top, but leaning against the western wall of the tower at ground level. You’ll find it at B2 on the main map’s grid.


Neo Tilted Clock

neo Tilted Clock

The Neo Tilted clock is the most obvious of the three clocks. Neo Tilted simply upgraded its old ‘Big Ben’ style tower (which was moved to Junk Junction in a poor state) with a futuristic holographic digital clock that displays in 360 degrees. It is located in the exact same spot the old clock tower used to be in the southwestern part of the city, near the tunnel and banana stand. D6 on the main map’s grid.


Visit Three Clocks Video Guide

Once you’ve visited all three you’re done with this challenge. You do not need to visit all three clocks in a single match, you can just visit them at your own leisure. However, as mentioned earlier it is a fairly simple endeavour to grab a vehicle and just drive from the north to south coast (or vice versa) stopping at all of the clocks along the way.

While a fairly simple challenge as far as weekly challenges go, Epic has tended to shy away from map knowledge type challenges for their weeklies, opting to shift them to the Fortbyte system. While there is nothing wrong with this, it’s nice to have a bit more variety added to our weekly challenges as well.

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