Fortnite Season 8: Polar Peak & Lonely Lodge Chest Locations

This one is gonna suck.


Fortnite Season 9, Week 9 has arrived, bringing in tow some rather uninspired challenges. One of these challenges is the typical ‘search 7 chests at Y or X’ location, which for non-longtime players can be a little tricky when it comes to pinning down their spawn. Week 9’s locations are Polar Peak and Lonely Lodge. The purpose of this article is to briefly point out the general locations where chests spawn in those two locations. This will speed up the challenge significantly, because it means if you can’t hear something in that area, the chest didn’t spawn or it’s already been looted.

With that being said, it’s important to explain how chest spawns work briefly. Chests have set spawn locations, which means they will only spawn in predetermined locations. However, the chance of them spawning there isn’t guaranteed. What this means in practise is that a location has spots marked out for spawns, but will only spawn some chests in those spots every game. So expect for the circled locations to be missing chests in one match, but then have them in another. Ideally, our maps will help you get close enough to the chests so you can hear the chiming sound they make. You can turn your sound FX up to aid with this, but it will also increase the volume of things like gunshots, so beware.


Polar Peak Chest Locations

Polar Peak Chest Locations

Polar Peak’s chest distribution is exactly what you’d expect. You will essentially be able to find a chest in every build in the area. But the main northern buildings, the Ice King’s fortress, is where you’ll find most of the chests. This building is quite elaborate and multistoried. You’re essentially able to find a chest on every floor (some like the throne room have more than one spawn) all the way to the roof beginning with the basement. I’ve counted seven spawns in a single match before.


Lonely Lodge Chest Locations

Lonely lodge chest locations

Lonely Lodge chests are a little more spread out than Polar Peaks, especially considering it doesn’t contain a single building with 7 or more spawns. However, it is still chest dense enough to finish the challenge within a single landing if you have no competition.

There are two chest spawns at the large lookout tower (one on top and one half way down on a platform between the stilts) and the main cabin has the potential to spawn two chests (one upstairs and one downstairs). There is a chest spawn behind some rocks in a shallow cave. Finally, you’ll find chest spawn in the rest of the circled buildings.

You only need seven chests in total from either location (you are able to mix and match) to complete this challenge. With that in mind, the quickest way to finish this challenge is to wait for a game where the Battle Bus doesn’t pass close to Polar Peak, then make a long dive towards it. Once you’re there, try to clean out the Ice King’s fortress as quickly as possible. If you’re uncontested, you can essentially finish the run in one rotation of Polar Peak.

This challenge and the multi-stage that asks you to dance between three ice sculptures, three dinosaurs and four hot springs make-up the bulk of the interesting challenges for the week. Hopefully Week 10 will send off the season with a little more flair.

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