Fortnite Season 8 Guide: Sunny Steps & Fatal Fields Chest Locations

Enjoy death.

Fortnite season 8

The Fortnite Season 8, Week 3 challenges have touched downed and include a ‘chest search’ style challenge. This challenge is in a very similar vein to the three ‘Overtime’ challenges from Season 7 that asked you to search chests or ammo boxes at specific locations. This challenge is a little bit easier than the Overtime versions however. You can only loot chests to receive credit, ammo boxes don’t count. Now you may think this makes the challenge more difficult not less, due to a constraint of options, but realistically the locations chosen for Week 3 are quite chest dense.

As per usual, the biggest hurdle inherent to this type of challenge is the fierce competition very early on as these areas become very heavily trafficked for a short-time as people rush to complete it. To help our readership out, we’ve made some ‘maps’ of Fatal Fields and Sunny Steps detailing all the chest spawns we can find. Hopefully this will help people quickly locate the chest spawns to reduce the amount of time spending wandering around and consequently the amount of time they’re an easy kill.

It’s also important to note that chest spawns are set, but not guaranteed. Put differently, specific locations are marked with a chance to spawn a chest. This means all the locations we’ve marked on our maps won’t always contain a chest. Another thing to note is that, for areas that are marked as being in a building, it is possible that the chest will be on the upper floor. In the case of say the red barn or farm house, these might be in the attic or tucked away in a corner.

The best strategy for getting this done quickly is to land at whichever of the two locations is furthest from the Battle Bus’ route. The first reason is that most people will tend to drop at the closer location if they’re doing the challenge. The second is that people tend to drop earlier rather than later as a general rule, you’ll get less traffic from other locations as you scour for chests.


Fatal Fields Chest Locations

Fortnite Fatal Fields chest locations

Fatal Fields is truthfully your better bet for getting this done quickly if the Battle Bus doesn’t heavily favour one location over the other. The first reason is because it’s not new, which makes it inherently less trafficked (curiosity draws people in after all). The second reason is because there are a lot of chest spawns and they’re relatively spread out, allowing you to get a couple each game without much drama.


Sunny Steps Chest Locations

Fornite Sunny Steps chest locations

Sunny Steps presents itself as a good alternative, as it has less chests in total, but is more dense in general with more options to hide and take cover. This does mean there is less running involved and less opportunity to be shot compared to Fatal Fields. However, it is considerably more trafficked, even outside of the challenge, so I’d only recommend looking for chests here if the Battle Bus doesn’t pass near here.

After you’ve opened seven chests you’re done with this challenge. This challenge will be quite tedious to pull off early into Week 3’s release due to the nature of people wanting to finish their challenges ASAP. I’d recommend waiting a couple of days if you want an easier time and aren’t in a rush to get your weekly rewards. Week 3 also reintroduces the old staple, a treasure hunt challenge. We also just received a new vehicle, The Baller; here are all the locations in which it spawns. Epic seems to be looking to up their game this season, possibly in response to Apex Legends getting ready to release its own Battle Pass system.

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