Fortnite Season 8 Guide: Search Where The Magnifying Glass Sits On The Treasure Map Loading Screen

Squint and you will miss it.

Fortnite treasure map

The Fortnite Season 8, Week 3 challenges are here and with them comes the return of an old staple, the treasure hunt.

This type of challenge was ridiculously common in the earlier Seasons of Fortnite’s Battle Pass system (3, 4 and 5 in particular). Usually they’d ask you to search between a set of landmarks or find and in-game map, decipher it (they usually had a quirk that made them more difficult to interpret) and then uncover the treasure.

The returning version of this challenge, errs towards the latter style, asking you to read a map to discover the treasure’s location. However, Epic has decided to ease us back into this type of challenge by making it significantly easier by removing a few steps. The first of these is that you don’t need to actually locate the map, the map itself is one of the loading screen art pieces you can select from your locker. This particular loading screen art is unlocked at level 10 of the Season 8 Battle Pass (paid tier, not free tier).

Below is a picture of the loading screen map you need to read.


Magnifying Glass Treasure Map Loading Screen

Treasure Map loading screen

The area in which the treasure is buried is focused on by the magnifying glass. As this map is quite large compared to the old style of treasure maps, it’s considerably more detailed (though a little bit disportionate scale wise).

The second reason this type of challenge it easier, it doesn’t appear to have ‘misdirection’ built in to make it a little bit more difficult to find the treasure. Older maps tended to rotate the map or provide a strange perspective to make it a little less straightforward. For clarity’s sake, here is the treasure location circled on the game’s proper map.


Magnifying Glass Treasure Location On The Map

Magnifying Glass Treasure Location On The Map

To the southwest of Polar Peak is a small forest of trees that encircle three frost sculptures: One of the Frost King and two of bog-standard Fortnite characters. There is a small bald patch between these three sculptures, in which the treasure rests.


Magnifying Glass Treasure Location

Fortnite maginifying glass

Interact with the Battle Star, finish the match (either win or get eliminated, but do not quit or you’ll lose credit) and that’s it, challenge complete. A fairly straightforward way for Epic to ease us back into a challenge that hasn’t seen much usage since Season 5. Especially so when you consider it was in the rotation basically every week of a Season (in some form or another) for a few seasons on the trot.

This week also has an interesting new item in ‘The Baller’, which is a new vehicle designed to fill the void the X-4 Stormwing left. Because this vehicle is so new (literally 24 hours old) to Fortnite, we’ve documented all the Baller locations to help people find it.

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