Fortnite Season 6 Western Theme Teased

Fortnite season 6

Following yesterday’s DJ llama, which promptly sent the fanbase into hysteria, today’s new tease for Fortnite season 6 will make you say howdy partner and then contract rickets. Probably.

So, what does it suggest that we can expect from Fortnite Season 6? A cowboy skin is obvious, especially if we follow the pattern of Fortnite revealing its seasonal skins in these teasers for previous seasons.

However, the line accompanying the image, “saddle up”, may be inferring a new way to get around the map. Weirdly, travelling around on horseback — or maybe even llamaback — wouldn’t be the maddest thing ever. You can already get around via a shopping cart and an ATK, so why not on top of an animal? It’s something that Realm Royale did well before it became irrelevant.

Also interesting is that the lettering found around the cube has been present in both of these teases. With the cube settling on Loot Lake, might we be going back into the world-mashing theme of Season 5 for Season 6? It aligns nicely with the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, that’s for sure.

Fortnite Season 6 begins on September 27th.

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