Epic Games Tease Fortnite Season 6 With A Fancy Llama

Fortnite season 6

With just a few days to go until Fortnite season 6 begins, Epic Games have started their engines for the hype train with a cryptic tease on Twitter. Much in the same way as season 4 and 5, this teaser hints at the theme of what we might expect for season 6.

Check it out for yourself:

What can we take away from this? Not a great deal, really. It fits the colour scheme introduced by the cube: the bizarre form that emerged from the last remnants of the rift in the sky caused by The Visitor. Just recently, the cube made its home in Loot Lake with it being speculated that it will form some kind of volcano for season 6.

At a best guess, I’d say that the them of season 6 is going to be the revenge of the llamas, the mascots of Fortnite who are regularly disembowelled despite their pleading eyes. Judging from this image, the llama seems like he’s really grown comfortable in his own skin and is ready to wreak vengeance on those who wronged him and his kind.

Or we could possibly be playing a coming-of-age story for llamakind told through the veil of Richard Linklater storytelling. Look for tomorrow’s tease where we will no doubt see a teenage and rebellious llama with spots all over his face.

We’ll find out what this llama means (and what its machinations are) when Fortnite season 6 begins on September 27th.

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