Fortnite Season 5 Guide: Week 9 Battle Pass Challenges Walkthrough

Fortnite season 5

With week nine, the second last week of the season is here and everything is still status quo, minus the fact the reset day was Friday again. Three of the seven weekly challenges are still free, while the other four still require the Battle Pass to complete. Therefore, if you want to complete all seven challenges for the week, you need to purchase a Battle Pass for 950 V-Bucks. If you’d prefer to wait, you can buy the Battle Pass anytime throughout the season and be granted access to all challenges from week’s previous.

However, we’re in the second to last week of the season and once the season ends, the rewards will no longer be available. If you do purchase now, make sure you have the time spare to grind out all the current and previous challenges or you may find yourself sorely disappointed.

Below is a list of the seven challenges for week nine and how to complete them.


Fortnite Season 5 Week 9 Battle Pass Challenges: Free Tiers


Deal damage with explosive weapons to opponents (500 damage)
The standard deal damage to opponents with Y weapon. This week you’re asked to use explosive weapons, this includes; The RPG, Grenade Launcher, Remote Missile Launcher and Grenades. The difficulty of course is finding these weapons, rather than inflicting the damage with said weapons (grenades make this a bit easier). If you want to make things a tad simpler, group with friends and just spend some ammo on a downed player for some guaranteed damage.

Get Trick Points in a Shopping Cart or ATK (150,000 Points)
Quite the unique challenge this week, though somewhat foreseeable, with the addition of the trick system a few weeks back. Trick Points are obtained by doing doing mid-air stuns in an ATK or Shopping Cart. This includes all the spinning, flipping and totally tubular jumps your heart desires. Channel your inner Tony Hawk Pro Skater and you’ll know what I mean. The points are cumulative, so it doesn’t need to be 150,000 points in a single trick and it can be done across multiple games.

Follow the treasure map found in Shifty Shafts
The ever present treasure hunt challenge, this week is the map style challenge. Shifty Shafts houses the treasure map for this week. If searching around doesn’t appeal to you, or want your tiers ASAP, we have you covered.


Fortnite Season 5 Week 9 Battle Pass Challenges: Battle Pass Tiers

Stage 1: Search a Chest in Haunted Hills (5 chests)
Following on from week seven’s introduction of multi-stage challenges is another chest based challenge. For each stage of the challenge you’re asked to search a chest in a specific named location. Once you’ve collected a chest from that location, you’ll need to finish the match before the challenge will update to the next location. This means it will take a minimum of five matches to complete this challenge. The starting location this week is Haunted Hills.

Visit different Stone Heads (7 Stone Heads)
Another unique challenge this week. Similar in essence to the traditional scavenger hunt challenge, except the Stone Heads have been on the map since Season 5 and are quite easy to spot. A previous week’s challenge made use of the Stone Head locations, which prompted us to make a guide detailing all their locations.

Assault Rifle eliminations (5 eliminations)
The standard get two kills with Z weapon challenge. This week is the Assault Rifle family, of which there are many. This includes the: Scoped, Thermal, Burst and Automatic variants, so you’re spoilt for choice. Assault Rifles come in every rarity and are usually quite effective at most ranges even at the lower qualities. This is compensated for by needing five eliminations, which is the most of any weapon type. Regardless, it shouldn’t take too long.

Eliminate opponents in Tomato Temple (3 eliminations)
Another weekly standard get three eliminations at X location challenge. This week is the relatively new Tomato Temple location that replaced the now defunct Tomato Town. Being new, the location of a challenge and fairly central on the main map means it’ll be moderately trafficked a minimum. As long as you have passable weapon luck, this shouldn’t take too long.

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