Fortnite Season 5 Guide: Search Between an Oasis, Rock Archway and Dinosaurs


Just like previous seasons, season 5 continues the tradition of alternating between a treasure map and three distinct landmarks for the weekly treasure challenge. This week’s challenge is of the ‘landmark’ variety, asking you to search between ‘an oasis, rock archway and dinosaurs’. You’ll notice these three landmarks didn’t exist last season, so this hunt will be taking place in the new southeastern desert region.

Like every ‘find the treasure’ based challenge (that isn’t a ‘Road Trip’ one), you can skip straight to the location of the treasure if you already know where it is, bypassing quite a large bit of the challenge. So, if you’re not interested in how the treasure is found – or you’re in a hurry – just skip to the final section of the guide. For the curious amongst us, read on.

For those that want to tackle the challenge themselves, but don’t have the time to invest in sharpening their knowledge of the Fortnite map, I present a picture of the general treasure hunt location.

Fortnite season 5 dinosaurs

For the rest that simply want to see the answer or want to build upon their map knowledge for future Battle Pass challenges, I present a picture with each specific landmark circled and a small description of each location.

Fortnite dinosaurs landmarks

The oasis is circled in pink, the rock archway is circled in blue and the dinosaurs are circled in green. The ultimate goal, the treasure, is circled in red.


The Rock Archway

Fortnite archway

A very large landmark that’s quite difficult to miss. Once a large single mesa, now two probably due to the central area being eroded, with a bridge running across the top. It lies between the oasis and dinosaur ‘park’ and is the easiest of the three to initially spot. It’s size means it spills over into two locations on main map’s grid, H8 and H9.


The Dinosaurs

Fortnite dinosaurs

The ‘dinosaurs’ are giant metal simulacrum located on the main highway that winds through the desert. If you follow the south road out of Paradise Palms, you’ll see the ‘park’ upon turning the bend. Situated southeast of the rock archway. I9 on the main map’s grid.


The Oasis

Fortnite oasis

A new type of feature to the map, a bright light blue oasis rests on the southwestern edge of the desert. It’s one of the only two oases in the new region and it is the larger of the two. This oasis is located to the southwest of the rock archway. This appears as H9 on the main map’s grid.


The Treasure

Fortnite season 5

Between these three landmarks is a mesa (flat-topped hill, they’re everywhere in this region) roughly equidistant from all three landmarks. The mesa in question is located around the centre of H9 on the main map’s grid. You’ll know it’s the right mesa because it has an actor’s trailer on its peak. About halfway up on the northern side of the mesa is a plateau, in which the treasure is nestled. You know you’ll be on the right plateau, because it has a large top heavy pillar near it. Just find your way up (or down) to this spot on the side of the mesa (there are rifts everywhere) and grab the treasure.

This challenge and the ‘five hoops’ challenge constitute the two more involved Battle Pass challenges for week two of season 5. If you’re interested in how the ‘five hoops’ challenge works, or the locations of the numerous basketball hoops, you can check out our guide here. If you’re looking for an overview of the week two Battle Pass challenges and brief tips on how to approach them, check out our overview here.