Fortnite: How To Refuel Cars & Gas Station Locations

Fuel for vroom.

Fortnite Cars
Fortnite Cars

It’s been a long time coming with a few delays down the road, but Fortnite’s cars are finally here. You can now jump into pretty much any vehicle you find and start speeding around, but you may need to refuel the cars after a short while.

This is a pretty smart move from Epic, one that keeps players from just sitting in the cars all day like they might have with the Ballers. It also finally makes use of all the gas stations dotted around the map.

If you’re running on fumes and need to refuel your car in Fortnite, here’s what you need to know.


Fortnite Gas Station Locations

Fortnite Gas Stations
Fortnite Gas Stations

There are thirteen gas stations in total at this time of writing, all of them spread out fairly far and wide across the Fortnite map. The only place where you can’t refuel easily seems to be in the northwest, which is where the new Atlantis-esque POI resides.


How To Refuel Cars

Fortnite Cars gas pumps
Fortnite Cars

First off you need to make your way to any of those gas stations that you see on the map above, then make your way over to a pump. Each gas station should have roughly 4 of these each. Be careful not to drive into them as they will explode.

Interact with the pump and you will then have the gas hose in your hand. Walk up to your car and then press your shoot button (e.g. left click or R2) and the car will start slowly filling up with gas until it reaches 100%.

Fortnite Cars
Fortnite Cars Pumps

You can also find gas canisters, which are dotted around but can also be found mostly at gas stations.

Fortnite Cars
Fortnite Cars

This will go into your inventory, meaning that you can carry it around with you throughout the whole match until is depleted. It works in the same way as the hose, just walk up to the car with a gas can and use the shoot button to start pouring it into the car.

You can even refill gas cans by taking them to the pumps.

Fortnite Cars

You can go a good distance in cars, but don’t forget things like boosting around will deplete your fuel even quicker.

If you’re wondering what you can listen to as you go crusing around the Fortnite island, here are all the radio station songs we’ve found so far.

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