Fortnite Overtime Challenges: Search Ammo Boxes At A Motel Or RV Park Locations

Prepare to die.

As Epic informed us, Season 8 won’t be available until the 28th of February. To tide us over however, Epic has released a set of 20 staggered challenges for us to sink our teeth into for the next two weeks (access to Season 7 challenges remains). These challenges aren’t of the typical Battle Pass variety, being much closer in style and function to the ‘seasonal’ challenges. Completing 13 of these 20 challenges will give you a free Battle Pass for Season 8. Quite enticing indeed for those of us interested in using those 950 V-bucks (or save some money) on another skin.

Typically speaking, this particular challenge is quite simple in theory. Loot seven chests or ammo boxes (over as many games as required) at two specific – but ‘nameless’ – locations. In practise, however, this challenge is quite a gruelling slog. Both the RV park and Motel are not chest dense locations and everybody is out to get their free Season 8 Battle Pass. This means trying to get even a single chest is a bit of crapshoot and almost entirely contingent on your skill at landing before the pack.

For those of us that aren’t Fortnite ‘jumpmasters’ (if you catch my drift), we’ve put together an article detailing the spawn locations of the ammo boxes, which will hopefully up your chances of getting one or two points of credit towards this challenge. Chests glow and have an auditory ambience to help you locate them, ammo boxes on the other hand are often nestled in a corner. They do, however, follow the same logic as chests: they have predetermined positions they’ll spawn in, but will not always spawn in that location. With that in mind, this means that the ammo box might be absent from their designated location for that specific match.

Fortnite Motel Ammo Box Locations

Fortnite Motel Ammo boxes

The first location you can complete this challenge – and the best – is just west of Lazy Links and isn’t officially named, but takes the appearance of a dilapidated, rundown motel.

We could pin down six definite spawns for the ammo boxes, but there may be more, as like I said, they don’t always spawn in their designated location every match.


House Downstairs

Fortnite Motel Ammo boxes

Just south of the motel proper is a dilapidated house, just under the staircase is the spawn location for an ammo box.


House Upstairs

Fortnite Motel Ammo boxes

In the same southern house, up the stairs is another ammo box spawn (which will be in plain sight).


Motel North

Fortnite Motel Ammo boxes

In the main motel building in the northwestern corner, on the ground floor is an ammo box next to a bedside table (but no bed).


Motel South

Fortnite Motel Ammo boxes

On the southern edge of the main motel building (near the main entrance inside), will be an ammo box on a shelf.


Motel Central

Fortnite Ammo Boxes challenge

In the centralish area of the motel building is a room with a bed in it, behind this bed is ammo box spawn.


Motel Balcony

Fortnite Motel Ammo boxes

Running across the eastern side of the motel is a balcony, which spawns an ammo box in plain sight (if it spawns, of course).

Fortnite RV Park Ammo Box Locations

Forntite RV Park ammo boxes

The other location you can complete this challenge is the RV Park. In my view this location is inferior as it has less chests and ammo box spawn locations. It might be wise to land here however in the event the Battle Bus passes far from it or close to the motel as this will tempt most people aiming to complete the achievement to jump out there instead.

We could only pin down four specific spawns for this location, but they’re all relatively easy to access and easy to spot compared to the Motel’s spawns.


RV Park North

Fortnite RV Park ammo boxes

On the northern edge of the park is a small red shed, and can spawn on a table in here.


RV Park West

Fortnite RV Park ammo boxes

On the western wall is a small brown shed. The ammo box can spawn on some metal shelving.


RV Park Central 1

Fortnite RV Park ammo boxes

In the centre of the park is a bunch of trees and picnic tables, on the northeastern side of this area, you’ll seen an orange, pink and blue RV, the table will be nestled between them with a box sitting on top. This one is quite easy to spot if you just look around the central area.


RV Park Central 2

Fortnite RV Park ammo boxes

This one is located in the same general location as the above, except on the southwestern corner of the picnic area. This one isn’t nestled between the RVs, rather the table is sitting in plain sight next to another. If it spawns here, it’s very easy to spot.

That’s all there really is to it. Once you get a hang of where the spawns are, you’ll start making incremental progress towards completing this challenge (unless your an ace at the Battle Bus jump, in which case you’ll be fine regardless). It’ll take many games to knock this one over (unless you get supremely lucky) as almost everybody is scrambling to get it done. Otherwise you can try and wait a few days for the rush to die down, though I suspect these areas will be very busy until Season 8 rolls around regardless (good place to camp kills for other challenges if nothing else). Ultimately, it is very worth doing as the rewards for completing the 13 Overtime challenges is essentially 100 tiers of rewards in Season 8 for no cost to you.

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