Fortnite: Find Mysterious Pod Location


Fortnite Mysterious Pod

Those curious about what the secret skin for Fortnite: Chapter 2 – Season 5 might be now pretty much have their answer: Predator. While the 80s classic monster is hardly at the height of his powers, he makes sense to be in Fortnite as one of the most famous hunters in pop culture history. Before then, though, we have to find mysterious pod as part of Predator challenges.


Mysterious Pod Location

Fortnite Stealthy Stronghold Pod
Fortnite Stealthy Stronghold Pod

The Mysterious Pod is located in Stealthy Stronghold, a massive Jurassic Park-like POI that was added at the start of Season 5. There have already been a few Predator easter eggs here, which includes a downed helicopter.

The Mysterious Pod is actually the Predator’s ship and can be located on a small inlet of land within the Stealthy Stronghold POI.

Fortnite Season 5 Mysterious Pod
Fortnite Season 5 Mysterious Pod

It actually took me far too long to find it the first time, so keep an eye out for something giant and silver. Just walk up to it and this challenge should complete. You can smash the front off of the ship but the rest is indestructible.


Are There Other Predator Challenges?

Fortnite Predator Challenges
Fortnite Predator Challenges

These are actually called Jungle Hunter quests to tie in with Predator stalking people through the jungle in the original movie.

At this time of writing, there are two other challenges to complete with more to come. Talk with Beef Boss, Remedy and Dummy is one challenge, and Collect Medkits is another. The latter is fairly self-explanatory, but the former refers to the NPCs that are scattered around the map.

Completing next week’s challenges will help earn you the Predator skin. Of course, you must have the Battle Pass to unlock these challenges to begin with and therefore also Predator.

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