Fortnite: Exotic Hop Rock Dualies Stats, Price & Location

Hop to it.

Hop Rock Dualies

With the release of Fortnite v15.20, one of the biggest games in the world is once again bringing new content to its players. The first Fortnite update of 2021 is promising plenty of changes, including the Hop Rock Dualies, the newest Exotic to come to the game.

It’s fair to say that Season 5’s Exotic weapons to date haven’t been universally liked, which comes down to just how surprisingly balanced they are. None of them currently in the game can cause as many issues as the Mythics of seasons past, and the fact that you also have to spend a fair amount of Gold Bars means that you often go matches without seeing one. The Hop Rock Dualies should keep that up.

Here’s everything you need to know about Fortnite’s Hop Rock Dualies, including its stats, how much it costs to buy from a vendor, and where you can find it.


Hop Rock Dualies Stats

Reload Time2.7
Magazine Size18
Damage (Body/Head)43

Hop Rock Dualies are only available as Exotic weapons and only spawn in one place.

The Hop Rock Dualies work very similarly to Dual Pistols of the past in that they have a high rate of fire but are terribly inaccurate. While you can hit two bullets with one shot and do 86 body damage, the bloom makes that difficult, so you’re much likely to hit one shot for 43 damage. You can technically have a max damage of 774 from the 18 bullets that come in a clip, but that’s unlikely.

However, the most interesting thing about these Exotics is that you get a Hop Rock effect applied once you start shooting, so you can leap through the air in somewhat slow motion. This effect is good if you want to get higher up, though does make you a bit of an easy target as you kind of glide through the air.


Hop Rock Dualies Price & Location

The Hop Rock Dualies are available from the Cole NPC, who can be found either in Retail Row or over at Shipwreck Cove. Makes sense, considering he’s a miner.

Here’s the first location, which is atop some mountains just slightly to the north of Retail Row.

Hop Rock Dualies
Hop Rock Dualies

Here’s the second location, which is within Shipwreck Cove, a landmark that’s off the southeast coast of the map and not all that popular.

Shipwreck Cove Hop Rock Dualies
Shipwreck Cove Hop Rock Dualies

Cole can spawn at either of these as it is entirely random. No matter where he spawns, though, the Hop Rock Dualies will cost you 500 Gold Bars, which may change over time as Epic balances the Gold economy in the game. You won’t keep the weapons after the end of the match, win or lose.

They’re definitely fun items to use, though you can’t really see the Hop Rock Dualies becoming some of the best in the game, especially due to how inaccurate virtually every kind of Dual Pistols have been over the years. Still, it’s a fun item, and Fortnite is at its best when you’re not taking it too seriously.

Fortnite is free-to-play on PC via the Epic Games Store, PS5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Android.

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