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Fortnite Chug Cannon

Fortnite: Season 5 has definitely been quite the experimental season of the battle royale giant so far. While there have been plenty of Exotic weapons that might be a tad on the imabalanced side, the fact that you have to buy them and they can only be found once per match has made them a bit more accepted than otherwise. With the Chug Channon, added in v15.30, we have a new Exotic that might become a very useful utility item.

Working very similarly to the Bandage Bazooka that was added at the start of Chapter 2, the Chug Cannon’s selling points are that it can also heal shield as well as health, and it can even be used from afar so you can “shoot” your teammates with it to heal them instantly even if they relatively far away.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Chug Cannon in Fortnite: Season 5.


Chug Cannon Stats & Tips

Reload Time30 Second

Just like the Bandage Bazooka, the Chug Cannon doesn’t actually do damage, more that it heals you and your teammates — and even enemies. It heals for 15 health or shield, depending on whether or not your shield is full.

It’s a very useful Exotic to have during Squads and even Duos, though the fact that it takes up two inventory slots means that it may not be as useful during Solos.

It also works on a cooldown, so once it’s depleted, it will take around thirty seconds for a new Slurp to be added to your ammo. It’s basically infinite ammo, but on a cooldown.


Chug Cannon Location

Chug Cannon location
Chug Cannon location

The Chug Cannon can be purchased from Remedy, who spawns either at Hilltop House or in Craggy Cliffs. Remedy is a medic NPC who first turned up as a Battle Pass character earlier in Chapter 2. Unfortunately, due to Epic’s random need to randomise spawns, she alternates between both each match so there’s guarantee at which of these she will be located.

The Chug Cannon sets you back 600 Gold Bars, which while cheaper than Exotics when they first launched, is still quite a lot of “money” to dump at once. Still, if you’re playing with a squad, it’s a pretty great utility item to have.

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