Fortnite: Chapter 3: Auto Shotgun Stats & Location

Fortnite Auto Shotgun
Fortnite Auto Shotgun

The Auto Shotgun is a weapon first added in Fortnite: Chapter 3 – Season 1.

The Auto Shotgun is available from Common to Legendary rarity.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Auto Shotgun in Fortnite, including its stats, how to use it, and where you can find it.


Auto Shotgun Stats

“Fully Automatic, deals moderate damage at a high fire rate.”

WeaponAuto Shotgun
Magazine Size8
Fire Rate1.5
Reload Time8.8 seconds
WeaponAuto Shotgun
Magazine Size8
Fire Rate1.5
Reload Time7.2 seconds

The above tables include the Common and Legendary rarities of the Auto Shotgun.

The Auto Shotgun works a lot like the Primal Shotgun from Chapter 2 – Season 6 in that it can do absolutely huge damage at close range. It also takes a long time reload, so beware before you start just firing away.

The Legendary version of the gun offers a significant damage and reload time increase, but doesn’t change the fire rate or amount of shells it can carry.


Auto Shotgun Location

As a weapon available in all rarities, the Auto Shotgun can be found anywhere where loot normally spawns.

Find the Auto Shotgun as floor loot, in chest, vending machines and generally anywhere across the Fortnite map.

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