Fortnite Adds In-Game Video Chat For PC & PlayStation

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In Epic’s ongoing effort to ensure you play nothing but Fortnite until the inevitable heat death of the universe, they’ve now added an in-game video chat system, meaning you’ll be able see your friends rage when they get killed by some sweaty try-hard for the tenth time that night. However, it’s only available on PC, PS4 and PS5 right now, though more platforms haven’t been ruled out in the future.


How Does Fortnite Video Chat Work?

Alright, so technically, it’s not fully in-game. You’ll need to download the Houseparty app and link it to your Fortnite account. Once you’ve done that, set up a group video chat with your friends and your video screens should appear in-game on Fortnite. This Houseparty room, as they’re called, existed both in the app and on Fortnite, meaning you can join the group chat even if you’re not playing.


Wait, Isn’t Fortnite More Popular With Children?

Yes, it is, meaning a video chat function in-game could be a huge safeguarding issue. Thankfully, there are some measures in place to try and avoid any would-be issues. Houseparty is an app that’s designed for 13+ users, and the app itself focuses on face-to-face chat. The app itself will use its own algorithm to crop to a player’s face, and will switch your camera to a digital background if there’s no detectable face.

On top of that, only Houseparty friends will be able to join voice chats, or friends of those already in the chat, so it should be harder for random people to join your Houseparty room. If there’s anyone who deserves to be blocked, all you need to do is tap their face on the app and hit block, or use the report a player function in Fortnite itself. On top of that, you can even lock your room to prevent others from joining.

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