Fortnite 14 Days of Summer: Destroy Grills With the Low n’ Slow Harvesting Tool

Flip it. Flip it real good.

Fortnite grills

Fortnite’s 14 Days of Summer reaches its conclusion with its last challenge, which asks you to destroy grills with the Low n’ Slow harvesting tool. There are 28 of these grills in Fortnite in total, but you will be happy to know you only need to dust off seven to also dust off Fortnite 14 Days of Summer.

If you’ve been a little out of the loop, the 14 Days of Summer is Epic’s attempt at keeping players happy while they take a much-deserved break. Players can complete challenges to unlock free items, use old weapons like the Quad Launcher and Tactical SMG for a limited time, and also pick up new cosmetics in the Item Shop. Though its name may lead you to think otherwise, you actually have a little while left to get these challenges completed at this time of writing.

Here’s everything you need to know to destroy grills with the Low n’ Slow harvesting tool.


Low n’ Slow Harvesting Tool

Low N Slow

You unlock the Low N Slow harvesting tool in Fortnite by completing a previous 14 Days of Summer challenges which asks you to launch fireworks along the river bank. You must unlock that and then also equip it to be able to finish this challenge. As you might expect, you need to swing it to destroy grills.


Fortnite Grills Map

Fortnite Grills map

As mentioned, there are 28 grills in total. However, for the benefit of saving you time (and making you a little bit safer) we’ve only highlighted the quickest route and the seven you need. As other players can destroy the grills and remove them from the match, we want to help you get this done as quickly as possible.

There are four grills in Snobby Shores, which is also one of the quietest spots on this map. From there, you can then move on to Pleasant Park, where the final three grills will be waiting for you.


Fortnite Grill #1

This grill lies at the south end of Snobby Shores directly underneath what looks like a watchtower. Find it at A5 on the Fortnite grid.


Fortnite Grill #2

One house north in Snobby, this grill resides near the pool and a fence; can be a little easy to overlook this one. A5 on the Fortnite map.


Fortnite Grill #3

Grills map 3 close

Two houses up from the second grill, this grill lies directly outside the backdoor of the house with a basketball court. Head on over to A5 on the map to finish this one off/


Fortnite Grill #4

At the northernmost house in Snobby, you will find this grill just behind all the carnage left by Cattus in A5 on the Fortnite map. From here, make your way north.


Fortnite Grill #5

Just before you enter Pleasant Park, this grill will be chilling underneath a giant umbrella next to a Sky Platform in C4. You can then use the slipstream to get to Pleasant Park quicker.


Fortnite Grill #6

On the southern side of Pleasant, you will find a grill near a carnival clown board; a Vending Machine also doesn’t spawn too far from here. C3 on the Fortnite map.


Fortnite Grill #7

Grills map 7

The final Fortnite grill you need to bash in is just a stone’s throw away from the sixth. Find it at the backdoor of one of the houses and then bash its face in.

Destroy Grills With the Low n’ Slow Harvesting Tool Video Guide

This is one of the more unusual challenges Epic has thrown at us in a bit, these grills having never really been used for much until today. Still, it’s more straightforward than a shell that turned into a tiny rubber ducky.

It’ll be sad to see 14 Days of Summer go, it providing plenty of new content and constantly shifting meta with the new guns. It’s not all bad: Fortnite Season 10 is right around the corner, and you’d expect Epic to go a little wild to celebrate the milestone.

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