Fortnite 14 Days of Summer: Bounce Off Of Giant Beach Umbrellas Locations

Life's a beach umbrella.

Fortnite’s 14 Days of Summer continues with one of the least stressful challenges ever introduced to the game, it asking you to unwind with a little bounce on the giant beach umbrellas currently dotted around the map. What’s more cathartic than a bouncy castle.

14 Days of Summer is the summer equivalent of the Christmas event Epic curated during Season 7, in which new challenges and cosmetics were released every day, though this time out you can also use unvaulted weapons, such as the Heavy Shotgun and Compact SMG for 24 hours. The challenges will give you a free item for each one completed with you being rewarded with a lovely back bling for you troubles.

Here’s what you need to know to bounce off a giant beach umbrella in different matches.


Giant Beach Umbrellas Map

Giant Beach Umbrella map

The above map is labelled 1-6, as there are six umbrellas across the map in total and that’s the recommended route to get it done the fastest. Remember: You only need to bounce on three umbrellas in total, but it has to be across three different matches or it won’t count.


Giant Beach Umbrella #1 – Near Salty

fortnite Giant umbrellas #1

fortnite Giant umbrellas #1

This giant beach umbrella can be found near Salty Springs on that infamous mountain with the single house that newbies seem to love dropping at for seemingly no reason whatsoever. E8 on the Fortnite map.


Giant Beach Umbrella #2 – Near Dusty

fortnite Giant umbrellas #2 close

fortnite Giant umbrellas #2 close

Finding this giant beach umbrella is an absolute doddle as it’s basically dead center of the map on the infamous mountain overlooking Dusty. Find it halfway up at the spot that used to house an Expedition Outpost. F5 on the grid.


Giant Beach Umbrella #3 – Near Salty

fortnite Giant umbrellas #3 close

This giant beach umbrella is very oddly located, it being right next to a Sky Platform. Said Sky Platform is the one that’s near Pleasant Park, so make your way over there to tick another one off your list. C4 on the Fortnite map.


Giant Beach Umbrella #4 – In Lazy Lagoon

fortnite Giant umbrellas #4

fortnite Giant umbrellas #4

Lazy Lagoon sure is getting a lot of attention during 14 Days of Summer, huh? This giant beach umbrella can be found directly north of the pirate ship on a little island all to itself. F2/F3 on the Fortnite grid.


Giant Beach Umbrella #5 – Near Lonely Lodge

fortnite Giant umbrellas #5

fortnite Giant umbrellas #5

Just north of the RV park and to the west of Lonely, you will a giant beach umbrella just chilling at the foot of a tiny mountain which also houses some Ballers. Extra points if you can jump off the mountain onto this one. G5 on the Fortnite map.


Giant Beach Umbrella #6 – Near Paradise Palms

Just like Lazy Lagoon, Paradise Palms has seen plenty of action as part of 14 Days of Summer, and you can find a giant beach umbrella just ever so slightly north of the big hotel near where the rifts usually are. H8 on the Fortnite map.


Fortnite Giant Beach Umbrella Video Guide

This is a not too shabby challenge to dust off in your Fortnite 14 Days of Summer challenges, especially as the giant beach umbrellas actually appear on your map and are so huge that you can hardly miss them. All you need to do is land on top of three of them (it’s a struggle to build up to them, though) across different matches and you’re done.

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