Fortnite 14 Days of Summer: Score 10 Or More On A Carnival Clown Board Locations

Don't be a clown: follow our guide.

Fortnite’s 14 Days of of Summer might now be starting to wind down a little, but that doesn’t mean that Epic are slowing down with the challenges. As we’re entering the business end of the event, the challenges are getting a little more involved, including today’s Score 10 Or More On A Carnival Clown Board challenge.

Just in case you’ve been living under the ocean, Fortnite’s 14 Days of Summer is the sunny equivalent to what Epic did for Christmas. Players can log-in and get a new challenge every day with a free cosmetic at the end of it, as well as use one of the game’s classics weapons for a 24-hour period. Adding to that, those who love their Fortnite fashion can look forward to a new skin dropping in the Item Shop every day.

Here’s everything you need to know to score Score 10 Or More On A Carnival Clown Board, including the locations of the Clown Boards themselves.


Fortnite Carnival Clowns Board Locations Map

Clown Boards Map

As you can see, the Carnival Clown Boards are spread out pretty far and wide in Fortnite, appearing over the majority of the map. There are older boards like the one in Pleasant Park that you will no doubt be familiar with, but Epic have also added a Carnival Clown Board to pretty much every Beach Party too. You can kill plenty of birds with one stone with this challenge.


How To Get A Score of 10

As for completing the challenge itself, it’s far easier than it sounds. All you have to do is interact with the board and then hit the balloons ten times in a row before they themselves explodes. We recommend using a pickaxe and just swiping wildly and you should still be able to get this challenge done no bother.


Fornite Clown Board #1 – Lazy Lagoon

Clown Board

Clown Board

This clown board is located right at the top of the Fortnite map in Lazy Lagoon near where the river enters into the ocean. F2 on the Fortnite map.


Fornite Clown Board #2 – Near Junk Junction

#2 close

This board is situated near the track in the grasslands up by Junk Junction. To find it quickly, find the “starting line” and the go over to the RV — the board is just past it. C1 on the Fortnite grid.


Fortnite Clown Board #3 – Pleasant Park

#3 map carnival clown board

This Carnival Clown Board has been a part of Fortnite for a long while now, and you can find it in the southwest corner of Pleasant Park near a picket fence. C4 on the map.


Fortnite Clown Board #4 – Loot Lake

Another board found chilling at a beach party, this one can be located to the northeast just as you’re about to leave Loot Lake itself next to a small hut. Find it at D3/D4 on the Fortnite map.


Fortnite Clown Board #5 – Near Tilted

#5 map

#5 close

This one is another Carnival Clown Board that will be familiar to anyone who’s completed their dance parties challenge, as well as the fireworks one. Find it down in the river bank by Tilted and get swiping. D6 on the Fortnite grid.


Fortnite Clown Board #6 – Dusty Divot

#6 clown board map

Located in Dusty Divot, this is yet another board that is found within a beach party, right by a pond in the southern side of Dusty. Not exactly a beach, but we will let Epic off. G6 on the Fortnite map.


Fortnite Clown Board #7 – Near Paradise

Just west of Paradise Palms and located near the bridge that separates the desert biome from the rest of the map, you will find this Carnival Clown Board near a small pond. H7/H8 on the Fortnite map.


Fortnite Clown Board #8 – North of Desert Gas Station

#8 clown board close

This one is the most “out in the sticks” of all of the Carnival Clown Boards, it being situated just north of a gas station in the desert in a pond that breaks into a waterfall. This last one we could find is at H9 on the Fortnite grid.


Fortnite Clown Boards Video Guide

Remember: you only need to do one of these with a score of ten to claim your reward for Fortnite’s 14 Days of Summer. Happy clowning.

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