Football Manager: How To Enable Cloud Saves

Up in the cloud.

FM 2022 Cloud Saves

It can often be difficult to tear yourself away from Football Manager on the PC when real life comes calling. But what if you could pick up your save where you left it but on another device, like a laptop? That’s where Football Manager’s cloud saves come in handy.

Read on to discover how you can keep playing Football Manager 22 across multiple devices thanks to the cloud below. Bear in mind that this method works across all versions of Football Manager on Steam.


How To Use Cloud Saves In Football Manager

Firstly (and most importantly), you need to make sure that Steam has the setting enabled for cloud saves. To do so, go to Steam > Settings > Cloud and then tick “enable steam cloud synchronization for applications which support it“.

FM 21 Cloud Saves

This will then enable you to use cloud saves across all supported Steam games, not just Football Manager.

Once that’s done, you then need to actually create a cloud save. To do so in-game, go to FM in the top right, select Save Game As and then click onto the Cloud tab.

FM 21 Cloud Saves
FM 21 Cloud Saves

Choose the file name you want and then click save.

Once you’re done playing, exit Football Manager and then you should notice that Steam has begun to synchronize with the cloud save.

FM21 Cloud Save
FM21 Cloud Save

This can take upwards of a few minutes to complete, but once it is, you can then load the cloud save on a different device with the same Steam account and continue playing where you left off.

This process is usually not perfect, so beware of any errors and be sure to keep local and cloud files at the same time.


Why Use Cloud Saves?

The most obvious reason to use cloud saves is so that you aren’t just tied to one machine while playing Football Manager. If you’ve been hunched over your desktop all day and want a break, it’s really handy to then be able to play from where you left off on a laptop, kicked back on the couch.

In addition to that, it’s good to have backup saves for Football Manager — and all games in general. There’s nothing worse than a file corrupting, so a cloud save allows you some security.

Football Manager 22 is available now for PC.

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