Football Manager 2021: How To Stop Getting So Many Yellow Cards


FM 21 Yellow Cards
FM 21 Yellow Cards

There’s nothing wrong with players being committed to the cause in Football Manager 2021, giving each match their all and leaving everything out on the pitch. However, what if this also entails your players being a little too aggressive and constantly picking up yellow cards? How do you make them have better discipline when they are suspended for so many matches?

Well, the likeliest explanation for picking up so many yellow cards every season is your tactic. Most Football Manager 2021 tactics revolve around a physical gegenpress style where players get stuck in, so there’s the culprit if you’re using a tactic like that. Try to take Get Stuck In off under team instructions and select Stay On Feet or just select nothing at all to leave it up to their judgement instead.

FM 21 Tackling

If your players are still racking up the cards despite you changing their team instructions, you might be better off to set individual instructions instead. Instead of telling players to Get Stuck In, select Ease Off Tackles instead and they should stop being quite as likely to rack up yellow cards.

FM 21 Tackling Ease Off Tackles
FM 21 Tackling Ease Off Tackles

If, even after all this, your player(s) continue to notch up yellow cards, it may be down to their attributes. High aggression and determination attributes are brilliant on paper, but it may mean that they will get disciplined far more often, especially if they also have poor tackling attributes. Players with high aggression will also be far likelier to get carded in derby matches as they tend to get very impassioned for big occasions.

You cannot really untrain an aggressive player, so bear that in mind when analysing if someone will be a good fit for your team.

Football Manager 2021 is available now for PC.

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