#FireJBL: Smackdown Live Crowd Chants “Fire Bradshaw” Following Bullying Accusations

Source: WWE

If WWE fans don’t like something, they let you know pretty quickly. They waste no time in cutting down wrestlers who just don’t do it for them, or booing when they don’t get exactly what they want, but when they chanted to get JBL fired on Smackdown Live last night, it was kind of heartwarming.

You might not have heard it all that often during the broadcast as it seems like WWE were muting it whenever possible, but fans definitely made their voice heard on more than one occasion. Check out the tweet below:

In case you aren’t in the know, #FireJBL has been trending and is a hot topic right now, pertaining to commentator JBL’s alleged bullying of Mauro Ranallo. Now seemingly departed from the company, Ranallo had to take time off work due to mental health issues brought on by JBL’s infamous bullying. He’s notorious for throwing his weight around backstage and the fans have had enough of it.

A hero that we do not deserve was also escorted from the building after holding a sign that said: “JBL bullied me”.

WWE are currently under intense pressure to fire JBL. At the very least, they should suspend him following a proper investigation. What are your thoughts?

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