Fire Emblem Engage: How To Fish

Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage has no shortgage of mini-games and side activities for Alear and her party to complete throughout the game. One of these is fishing which can be done in the Somniel. The mini-game itself isn’t very complicated but it’s an effective way to gain extra items and improve Bond Levels with party members.  Here’s all you need to know about fishing in the Somniel for Fire Emblem Engage.


Where Can You Fish?

Fire Emblem Engage

In order to start the fishing mini-game head to the Somniel and follow the path to the pond. From here you can check out the in-game fishing guide or launch the fishing mini-game. Unfortunately, fishing in other environments outside of the Somniel is not allowed in Fire Emblem Engage even despite the masses of water in some areas.

Bear in mind that fishing will not unlock until Chapter 9: A Clash of Forces. Once the chapter begins a message will appear letting players know that the fishing hole is ready in Somniel. On the western side of the map a fishing hook will signal the location of the fishing. Diamont will give Alear a basic fishing rod and explain how to fish.


What Does Fishing Do?

Fire Emblem Engage

The goal of fishing in Fire Emblem Engage is to complete a collection of fish obtainable in the game. The full list of all fish can be found in the fish guide. Each fish also provides bonus items such as meal ingredients like fish fillets to be used by characters when cooking or Bond Fragments which can be taken to the Arena and used to increase Bond Level between characters.

The fish guide will list all of the available fish as well as explaining where they can be caught. It’s possible to catch three fish per day and to reset this allowance the player will need to sleep in Alear’s bedroom in the Somniel, or leave the Somniel entirely and go out on a mission. Returning to the Somniel after completing a mission or chapter will reset and another three fish can be caught.

We’re still in the process of collecting all of the available in-game fish, so if there are any further benefits to be had we’ll update this guide when we’ve collected them all.

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