Is Final Fantasy 7 Remake Coming To Xbox?

Final Fantasy 7 remake
Final Fantasy 7 Remake

For JRPG fans everywhere, the Final Fantasy series is an absolute must-play. Some of the series’ most iconic releases are Final Fantasy VII (FF7) and the more recent Final Fantasy VII Remake. The characters that starred in these games, like Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockhart, went on to become some of the most well-known characters in the gaming sphere.

Because of the fame and success these games have achieved, you might be wondering when Final Fantasy VII Remake is coming to Xbox Series X & S or Xbox One. You’d think that every console on the market would be rushing to obtain such a mainstream game on their platform, and you’d probably be right. Xbox and Microsoft would’ve likely wanted to have it, but it’s not actually their decision to make.

Sadly, Final Fantasy VII Remake won’t get an Xbox port anytime soon. Sony has prevented Final Fantasy VII Remake and several other PlayStation games (like Bloodborne) from getting an Xbox release. The reasoning behind this is most likely to boost their sales by keeping those games from competing consoles.

Xbox and Microsoft have also kept certain games from third-party companies from entering the PlayStation market in the past. This arrangement is known as a third-party console exclusive. These companies didn’t make the games, they simply made agreements with third-party publishers to keep their games from their competitors’ hands.

Hopefully, Xbox and Sony find common ground sometime in the future. As things stand, gamers are essentially forced to spend a few extra hundred dollars on a new console just to play the games they like.

Oddly enough though, a lot of games that Sony has kept from Xbox are available on a Windows PC, Final Fantasy VII Remake included. Since Xbox is owned by Microsoft, most Xbox games eventually get a PC version too.

So, for the time being, investing in a decent PC setup to get the best of both worlds sounds like a good idea.


About Final Fantasy VII Remake

The original and critically acclaimed Final Fantasy VII came out in 1997 by a company called Square. Square is the gaming company that eventually merged with another company called Enix to create Square Enix, which is the company that made Final Fantasy VII Remake.

The world of Final Fantasy Remake, Gaia, is controlled by an evil megacorporation called the Shinra Electric Power Company. They draw energy from within the planet’s lifestream to fund themselves and power most of the world. However, doing so is slowly killing their world.

The main protagonist, Cloud Strife, used to work for the Shinra Electric Power Company until he realized the crimes against humanity they were committing. Cloud was a member of SOLDIER, Shinra’s elite fighting force, but now works for Avalanche, an eco-terrorist group that fights against Shinra and is trying to save the world.

The gameplay is probably one of the biggest changes from the original Final Fantasy VII’s purely turn-based combat. It implements the Active Time Battle, which started in Final Fantasy XV. It’s a unique mix of real-time and turn-based combat.

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