FIFA 21 On Switch Will Again Not Be Worth Your Money

Just another roster update that might cost you $50.


After the negative reception to FIFA 20 on Switch being nothing more than a roster and kit update for a huge price, EA is back at it again for FIFA 21.

FIFA 21 Legacy Edition will be the Switch’s version of FIFA this year, and it will feature no new modes or gameplay improvements, it being the same core experience as last time out, which was the same core experience as FIFA 19 on Switch.

There’s no details on price, though FIFA 20 on Switch cost $49.99, despite it being just a basic data update without anything new to bring to the table. The release didn’t make it entirely clear that it was just a rather expensive update, either.

The decision to do this last year brought plenty of scorn EA’s way, who do not seem to be able to price stuff adequately on the Switch whatsoever just look how expensive Burnout Paradise Remastered is on Switch. It’s likely that pulling the same trick again won’t go down too well.

At least EA have more interest in developing for the Switch than before, especially after they announced that Apex Legends would be coming to the console later this year with cross play support. But still, it’s odd how little they seem to care about FIFA on Switch, like they’re just releasing something out of obligation. Still, at least they didn’t release WWE 2K18 and then do so badly that they never even tried again.

FIFA 21 releases October 9th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, no news on Switch just yet.

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