Fall Guys’ New Update Adds Valve Cosmetics To PS4

The start of a beautiful friendship? Probably not.

Fall Guys Steam
Credit: Prima Games

In a surprising move, the previously Steam exclusive cosmetics for Fall Guys will be coming to PlayStation 4.

These will come as part of a new update, which also makes it so that you will not get back to back team games and some fiddling with the way the tail modes work. It’s not as good as straight up removing them, but I will accept this for now.


We will update this when we know the prices of the Valve stuff on PS4. They will all be coming to the store.

Those Steam exclusive cosmetics are tied to classic Valve properties, which now get more life as DLC for other games than their own franchises. Half-Life and Team Fortress are two of the crossovers we’ve seen so far, though you might expect some more down the line. It looks like Portal 2 will be coming to Fall Guys at some point.

If my memory doesn’t deceive me, this may be one of the very few times anything to do with Valve has landed on the PlayStation 4. There was The Orange Box on PlayStation 3, but Valve have never seemed too bothered about their stuff on consoles.

The new Fall Guys update should be rolling out now, if it hasn’t already. I hope these changes will finally help me win a game, but at least TimTheTatman hasn’t won eith–oh.

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