Is EA Sports FC 24 Down? How To Check Server Status

EA FC 24 Down
EA FC 24 Down

Whether you are trying to play the first matches in FUT or start trading to make coins in the new EA Sports FC 24, getting an error message telling you that you are unable to get online is one of the worst things that might happen.

It might be due to server maintenance, scheduled updates, or random problems that happen to EA FC more frequently than we wish.

And if you want to prepare for such unexpected issues, we have a reliable way to check the server status of EA Sports FC 24. Read on, and you’ll discover how to check if servers are down in EA FC 24.


How To Check Server Status For EA FC 24

The most straightforward way to find out what is happening with EA FC servers is to check EA Sports FC’s Twitter account. EA Sports usually uses Twitter/X to inform the community about scheduled server maintenance and unexpected errors, as they did with FIFA 23.

If you cannot find any news about server maintenance on Twitter, use websites like Downdetector. Using it, you can check if other players experience the same issues and report your problem so other players can discover that servers are down.

And if you have friends who play EA FC, there is no need to use Downdetector. Ask them whether they have the same problem, and it will be your best way to identify the possible cause.


How to Fix Issues With EA FC 24

So, what if there is no information about server shutdown on both Twitter/X and Downdetector? Most likely, you are experiencing local problems, and sitting down and waiting probably won’t fix the issue.

Here are the measures you can take to solve the possible issue and start playing EA FC:

  • Restart your router to fix possible internet issues. If you use a VPN or proxy, turn them off to check if the connection works.
  • Restart EA Sports FC 24, re-log into your account
  • If the error still appears, restart the PC or console

For PC players, one more thing to do is to check whether EA FC 24 is added to one of your blacklists. If it is, disable the antivirus software and remove EA FC from the blacklist. Then open the game and try to connect to online servers.

For console players, it’s important to note that Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus subscriptions are must-have to enjoy online game modes in EA Sports FC 24, and they may also be down for maintenance at certain times.

If you’ve tried all the solutions, but they don’t work for you, contact EA Help for individual support. Still, note that you usually hear back within a week, which is a pretty long period, especially for active players.

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