EA Shows Off Next Generation Frostbite Engine

That hair looks fabulous.


After Sony showcased the processing power and decreased loading times of their next generation hardware yesterday, EA have decided to follow suit by demonstrating the capabilities of the Frostbite Engine. Did they do it with exploding buildings and impressive gunfights? Nope, they instead gave us 30 seconds of hair footage. Check out the video below, though you might want to mute your computer beforehand. Apparently, whoever put the montage together used the soundtrack from a nightclub in a porno.

Seriously though, EA and DICE have created something truly impressive with this tech demo. The way the hair reflects light and interacts with the body, instead of just clipping through the body like so much gaming hair in the past, is truly remarkable. Though there’s no guarantee that this level of detail will be accessible on the next-generation of consoles, it’s a great insight into what the future of games could look like. Let’s just hope that this future doesn’t also include the montage’s creepy mannequin.

EA are currently using the Frostbite Engine across most of their games, including the likes of FIFA, Battlefield, Need for Speed, Dragon Age and Mass Effect, and this montage is a positive glimpse at what’s in store for those franchises. Are you excited for the next-generation of gaming, or are you still getting used to the current one? Sound off in the comments.

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