EA Play 2019’s Livestreams Now Start On June 8th

Wahey, one less day of dedicated E3 coverage.

EA Play

EA have announced, though rather quietly, that their previously announced EA Play livestreams that were scheduled for June 7th have been pushed back to June 8th. The EA Play event, EA’s counter to a traditional E3 conference, will host multiple streams regarding the different games they have available at the show.

These streams, which will feature developers revealing details about upcoming EA games, like Jedi: Fallen Order, were initially scheduled to start on the Friday, June 7th, with multiple streams going throughout the weekend, but those plans have changed. Now, these livestreams will take place on Saturday, June 8th, while content creators will host their streams across the entire weekend from EA’s Creator Cave.

If anything, the lack of streams on Friday is a godsend to people like us, who don’t have to spend another full day keeping an eye out on livestreams and such. We’re lazy, you see, and E3 2019 is probably going to break us, so make sure you stay tuned for that.

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