EA Have Confirmed There’ll Be No FIFA 21 Demo

No chance of an early kickabout.


In a surprising move, EA have announced that they won’t be releasing an early demo for the upcoming FIFA 21, going against years of tradition in the process. EA revealed the news via their official Twitter account, which you can read for yourself below.

Instead of releasing a demo for this year’s version, Electronic Arts are stating that they’re devoting that development time towards polishing the full game, ahead of its release on current and next-gen consoles.


Wait, Why Is This A Big Deal Again?

Historically, EA have always released an early demo for the FIFA games allowing players to get to grips with the flow of the game, and make a decision regarding whether they’d like to purchase the game once it launches. No early demo means no chance to do so.

As to why this has happened, it’s like that the current pandemic has hindered the game’s development in a significant way, meaning that EA have had to abandon the game’s demo in order to deliver the full release on time. It’s also possible that EA are using EA Play, their own subscription service, as a means of demoing the game, as players can access a 10 hour trial for FIFA 21 from October 1st, with progress carrying over.


When Is FIFA 21 Launching?

FIFA 21 will be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on October 9th, with the Ultimate Edition and Champions Edition launching on October 6th with 3 days of early access, along with various other goodies. As already mentioned, there’s also EA Play, which offers a 10 hour trial that starts on October 1st, with all progress made in the trial carrying over.

On top of all that, FIFA 21 will be launching on October 9th for the Nintendo Switch, but it’s called the Legacy Edition and it’s nothing more than a roster upgrade that costs nearly £40. Yikes. There’s also a Stadia version in the works, if that’s your bag, plus the impending next-gen versions for PS5 and Xbox Series X. Buying the current-gen version will grant the next-gen version for the same console family via EA’s Dual Entitlement program.

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