E3 2018: EA Announce Battlefield V Battle Royale At EA Play

Battlefield V 5

EA have just revealed some new gameplay for Battlefield V’s multiplayer after it was revealed during a livestream last month.

Taking to the stage, the DICE team sought to answer some questions players had, including how the customisation works and how it is different to other BF games.

The game will allow you to jump and roll out of buildings and has bigger destruction than ever.

They also detailed War Stories for Battlefield V, which returns from Battlefield 1, and will focus on the men and women who shaped the war. A War Story, Nordlys, will be debuted during Xbox’s briefing tomorrow.

They reiterated that there will be no loot boxes and no Premium pass. They did, however, reveal that there will be a battle royale mode added to the game, which the audience didn’t take too kindly to. There will be more details on this later in the year.

Here’s the multiplayer trailer for BFV

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