E3 2018: Beyond Good And Evil 2 Gets New Trailers

Beyond Good And Evil 2

After a rather strange dance number involving a Panda bear and Just Dance 2019, Ubisoft has kicked off their E3 showcase with another cinematic trailer for Beyond Good & Evil 2, and Jade from the first game is back. Finally stopping one burning question this game has been plagued with since its announcement.

While the CGI is looking damn beautiful and we were treated to more hints into the storyline, we were also finally treated to some pre-alpha footage and all we can say is wow, this game looks incredible.

That’s not all though, as Ubisoft have also announced the Space Monkey programme that’ll be partnered with Hit Record and Joseph Gordon Levitt. This will be an opportunity for fans to flex their creative muscles and create content that’ll actually be a part of the game. It’s a unique idea for sure, and those interested can go to the Beyond Good and Evil website to find more details.

It may break a lot of fans hearts for yet another year of no release date, but we are certainly on track to seeing something with the potential of being something very special in terms of fan service.

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