Dying Light Getting A PUBG-Esque PVP Mode Next Year

Dying to jumb aboard the battle royale bandwagon.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds influence has already been keenly felt on the industry with plenty of other dewelopers getting in on the battle royale act.

The biggest, and probably most successful, “homage” has been Fortnite, but the likes of Warface have also claimed a slice on the pie. Now it’s time for a game featuring the undead that itself also refuses to die to get in on the act.

Techland’s supremely underrated Dying Light will be getting a new battle royale mode next year by the name of Bad Blood. It’s on a much smaller scale, however.

Only five players will square off with each other rather than the standard 99±, but there will also be PVE elements with zombies to contend with as well.

Players will be dropped into a confined area and fight to the death while also collecting samples from the undead to be able to safely evacuate before nightfall. The words sample and zombie in combination are giving me some horrific Umbrella Corps flashbacks.

You can sign up for a playtest of the expansion here. It’s worth noting that Bad Blood will be additional paid content that is not covered by the Season Pass or Enhanced Edition – it is a standalone expansion.

If you are yet to play Dying Light, change that. It features zombie and parkour, which is a winning combination on its own, but Techland have been keeping it regularly updated since it launched back in 2015. It even has a whole load of new, free content due next year.

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