Dying Light 2: How To Play Co-Op With Friends

Dying Light 2 co-op
Dying Light 2 co-op

Dying Light 2‘s Villedor is a sprawling world of the undead just begging to be explored, so it’s lucky that you can do just that. Everyone who played the first Dying Light knows how good zombie-kicking in co-op can be and with even more expansive tools of mayhem at your disposal in the sequel, expect an even more fun time.

Here’s everything you need to know about co-op in Dying Light 2.


Dying Light 2 Co-Op: Step By Step Guide

First off, you and anyone else on your team must have completed the prologue for Dying Light 2. This is a fairly substantial introduction to the game that takes roughly an hour or so to get through.

Also bear in mind that, at launch, cross-play is only supported between PC players on Steam and Epic. So no PS4 with Xbox or even PS5 — PC-only.

With that understood, follow these steps to start playing co-op in Dying Light 2:

– Press pause, then go to select Online Menu.
– Next, select Online Options. Switch the game type to Private, Public, or Friends Only to go online. Set it to Friends Only, unless you want to be joined by randoms.
– Select friends and start inviting your friends from either Steam/Epic (you will need to connect accounts for cross-play) or the same platform.

Once they have joined, happy dropkicking. Your friends can drop in or out with you at any time and also help you make tricky decisions in the game by voting on them, with all progress carrying over for party members on their own saves.


How Many Players Can Play Co-Op In Dying Light 2?

Dying Light 2 supports co-op for up to four players on the same team.


Do You Need PlayStation Plus Or Xbox Live For Dying Light 2 Co-Op?

Yes. PS4 and PS5 players will need PlayStation Plus to play online, while Xbox players will need Xbox Live (also bundled with Game Pass Ultimate) to play Dying Light 2 online.


What Is “Call For Help” in Dying Light 2?

Call For Help is basically a matchmaking network that lets other random players know that you are looking to team up. If you have the setting enabled, you can also receive Calls For Help.

Dying Light 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S.

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