Dreams Creation of the Week: Slayer Scrolls

Let's get Dreaming.

Dreams PS4 5

Each week, we’re diving into Media Molecule’s Dreams and picking our favourite thing we come across, whether that’s a little cube demanding a hug, a song that’s a total bop, or an FPS that’s better than most new things on Steam.

Slayer Scrolls is a surprisingly deep RPG in Dreams that pits you as a slayer: one of the most feared people across the fantasy land you live in. It starts off by asking you to poison a guy before eventually making you take on a dragon, and it’s remarkably polished the whole time.

Here are some screens from our time in Slayer Scrolls, which consisted of us chasing down a dog, complimenting a dwarf, and marvelling at the fact that we could see our own legs. It’s the small things, you know.

Dreams PS4 4

Dreams PS4 4

Dreams PS4 4

Dreams PS4 4

Slayer Scrolls has dialogue options and even looks like having slightly different paths based on your actions: you can kill the dwarf you meet and then have an awkward conversation with his brother later.

There’s still more to come in Slayer Scrolls according to its creator; it does end on a bit of a cliffhanger. It has its rough edges, sure, but for reminding us of an irreverent game we played on a PlayStation demo disc years and years ago, it gets the seal of approval.

Search Slayer Scrolls within Dreams to access this experience. Dreams is available now in Early Access for PS4.

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