Devolver Digital Releasing Call of Duty Documentary For Some Reason

"'s like Neutral Milk Hotel covering a Carly Rae Jepsen song."

Devolver have always been on the outside looking in at their peers, the weird kid in the cafeteria who doesn’t do things as they should. This was most obvious during their E3 2017 showcase when they lampooned the entire industry and the event itself in hilarious fashion.

So to find out that they’ve produced a completely straight documentary about Call of Duty, perhaps the most over-produced and cynically motivated franchise in gaming history, is a bit of a surprise.

Called CODumentary and produced by Devolver Digital Films, it’s 93-minute look at the rise of Call of Duty from upstart to monolith due for release on September 19th on VOD platforms.

Here’s a trailer followed by the synopsis:

“The documentary details how Call of Duty, created in 2003 by Infinity Ward, faced strong competition in its early days from a host of similar high quality WW2 games yet managed to rise to the top and sustain its position with a growing global fan base.”

The unofficial documentary is helmed by Jonathan Beales and is set to uncover some interesting stories. Still, Devolver being involved is highly unusual – it’s like Neutral Milk Hotel covering a Carly Rae Jepsen song.


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