Detroit Replaces PES In July 2019’s PS Plus Lineup

A more than decent trade.

detroit beyond human

In a surprise twist (especially as the games are due to become available today), Sony have announced that have swapped PES 2019 for Detroit: Become Human as part of their PS Plus lineup for July 2019.

This is a wild decision and a certifiable glow-up this late in the day, especially as it’s the Digital Deluxe Edition of Detroit, which comes with the PS4 remaster of Heavy Rain, too.

It was hard not to feel utterly underwhelmed by the PES 2019 announcement as a new PES game will be out in a couple of months and make this one utterly redundant, and there’s already a free version of it available to download.

Sony haven’t given any reason for the switch, but it’s certainly an interesting one. Quantic Dream’s Detroit was previously a PS4 exclusive until Epic swooped in (presumably) after the Sony exclusivity period was up to bring it to the Epic Games Store in the near future. Either Sony are trying to undercut Epic a little by releasing it for “free”, Sony realised what an underwhelming offering PES is, or something went wrong with Konami.

Whatever the case may be, it’s a definite upgrade. Detroit isn’t perfect, it having that self-indulgence that all David Cage’s games are somewhat guilty of, but we enjoyed our time with it for our review:

“This is the first release from Quantic Dream that I’ve become fully immersed in, and I cannot wait to return to the gritty streets of 2038 Detroit to make alternate decisions.”

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