Demon’s Souls PS5 Has An Eye-Watering Amount of Deluxe DLC

Twelve in-game items for £20 more.

Demon's Souls remake
Demon's Souls remake

With its release alongside the PlayStation 5 on November 12th, some members of the press have had a closer look at the remake of Demon’s Souls. That’s how we know that you won’t be able to cheese it quite as hard, which is really kind of understandable.

However, with the game now up for pre-order, something that is a little less understandable is just how much content has been squared away for its Deluxe Editions if you check it out on the PlayStation Store.


Demon’s Souls PS5 Digital Deluxe Edition Content

Demon's Souls
Demon’s Souls

There are thirteen pieces of DLC that come with the Digital Deluxe Edition, twelve of them being in-game items. Those with ** can be accessed in-game early, while those with * can only be found through the Digital Deluxe Edition.

Legendary Hero Soul**
Renowned Warrior Soul**
Storied Warrior Soul**
Red-Eye Knight Armor*
Boletarian Royalty Armor*
Ritual Blade*
Hoplite Shield**
Ring of Longevity**
Preservation Grains**
Phosphorescent Grains**
Bearbug Grains**
Large Hardstone Shard**
Moonlightstone Shard**
Original soundtrack

That’s quite a lot of content. Also not listed here is the Reaper Scythe weapon, which those who pre-order will get early.


Why Is This A Problem?

Demon's Souls PS5
Demon’s Souls PS5

Well, it won’t be a problem for everyone, but long-time Demon’s Souls fans may be very disappointed to discover this news.

The Souls series is all about having the right gear and also being able to experiment with different kinds of gear for builds, so to have so much tucked away behind a paywall kind of breaks that. Yes, the vast majority of them can be earned in-game later on, but it threatens to disrupt the balance when people who pay more can unlock them quicker. It is pretty antithetic to Souls as a series, in which every weapon feels earned.

Adding to that, this level of monetisation was nowhere to be found in the original game, which might be the perfect sign of the times. This DLC is all-new content, yet the sheer density of it is hard to overlook.

It’s also massively expensive on top of what is an already a pretty expensive game. Here in the UK, Demon’s Souls will cost £69.99, a £15 jump to how much games usually retail for. The Digital Deluxe Edition, meanwhile, is £89.99. To put that into context, you could have bought the original game twice.

Demon’s Souls launches November 12th on PS5.

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