Demon’s Souls Remake Won’t Let You Cheese Bosses Through Fog Doors

It's the classic "git gud" for you.

Demon's Souls

Today, Bluepoint and Sony published a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming Demon’s Souls remake, set to launch on November 12th/19th alongside the PS5. You can check out the gameplay trailer for yourself at the top of the page, but the real news comes from various interviews that have emerged today as well.


So What’s This About No Cheesing Boss Fights?

In an interview with Polygon, Gavin Moore, who is leading the project over at Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studio, stated that the remake has removed or ironed out a lot of the major glitches that were found in the original game, including fog door cheesing. That being said, Moore has clarified that some lesser impactful and “meme-worthy” bugs have been retained.


Anything Else To Look Forward To?

The beloved PS3 classic has been rebuilt from the ground up, retaining pretty much everything from the original game (aside from the huge bugs, obviously), while adding new content like weapons and equipment. On top of that, the game boasts both visual and performance modes, with a 4K/30fps mode and a dynamic 4K/60fps mode. Given the level of split second dodging you’ll need to survive the various encounters in Demon’s Souls, you’ll probably want to keep that 60fps mode on permanently, even if the game does look pretty.

Oh, and it also has giant spiders, so this game can get blasted into the Sun for all I care.

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