Dead Island 2: Full List of Curveballs

Dead Island 2 Curveballs
Dead Island 2 Curveballs

Dead Island 2 has many interesting (read: bloody) ways of taking down the zombie hordes, including the ability to call upon Curveballs. Basically your thrown utility weapons, Curveballs include things like grenades, ninja stars, bait, and much more.

What makes these tools even handier is that they’re cooldown-based, meaning that you don’t have to keep buying or crafting more, as they’ll magically reappear after a timer is up. Curveballs are great for crowd dispersal and getting you out of a tough spot, with more unlocking the more you play and explore Hell-A.

If you’re searching for tools of destruction, here’s every one of the 13 Curveballs in Dead Island 2 that we’ve found so far:

Pipe Bomb
Basically a grenade that does decent impact upon explosion.

A ninja star that’s good for halting zombie attacks.

Electric Star
An elecrified Shuriken that shocks zombies. Really good early on, try to use near pools.

Molotov Cocktail
First found in the sewers. Very hot.

Chem Bomb
Extinguishes flames and also traumatizes zombies from the sogginess.

Electro Bomb
Complete Jo’s Secret Stash Lost & Found quest over in Venice Beach to unlock this Curveball. Works similarly to the Chem Bomb, except it electrifies zombies.

Sticky Bomb
Found once you get to the Lotusville in Ocean Avenue and meet Reed, buy from trader.

Nail Bomb
Buy from Ezekiel on Santa Monica Pier late in the game.

Bait Bomb
Buy from Dougie in the hotel in Ocean Avenue at the start of the The Search for Truth quest.

Military Grenade
Complete the Boz Makes A Bang side quest at Venice Beach Pier. As you might expect, this is a grenade that does significant damage to the undead.

Bought from Rodriguez in Venice Beach, Traumatizes zombies.

Caustic-X Bomb
Complete the Ravages of Caustic-X side quest at Halperin Hotel to be given this by Rav. Deals Caustic damage and melts zombies.

But what are the best Curveballs to use? Well, some of them are fairly situational (like the Chem Bomb), while others just don’t do a lot of damage. For our money, the Bait Bomb is great for distracting regular zombies that are attacking you while also dealing huge damage to them. For sure gross factor, though, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as throwing the Caustic-X Bomb and watching the game’s amazing FLESH system show what it can do.

Dead Island 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X & S.

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