Dead Island 2: All Rarities Explained

Dead Island 2 rarity
Dead Island 2 rarity

As a modern day action RPG with a big emphasis on hoovering up all the loot, you better believe that Dead Island 2 has its fair share of rarities for you to uncover.

Dead Island 2 has six different rarities in total, each of them more powerful and useful than the next. Rarity typically defines just how durable something is, as well as how many mods and perks you can customise at a workbench. Higher rarity weapons also tend to start off at a higher base damage than lower rarity weapons, though they can be upgraded.

Here are all of the rarities in Dead Island 2:

Improvised (Grey)
Very brittle and will break after just a handful of swings. Only found occasionally early on.

Common (Grey)
Slightly less brittle, but still difficult to depend on in a pinch.

Uncommon (Green)
1 mod slot, 1 perk slot for upgrading.

Rare (Blue)
1 mod slot, 2 perk slots for upgrading, 1 fixed perk slot.

Superior (Pink)
1 mod slot, 3 perk slots for upgrading, 1 fixed perk slot.

Legendary (Gold)
1 mod slot, 2-3 perk slots for upgrading, 2 fixed perk slots.

Getting all of these weapons really depends on how far along in the story you are, as Superior rarity stuff won’t start showing up until you’re getting into the later stretches of the game. As for Legendary, this rarity only tends to become available as a reward for completing sidequests, particularly those that have multiple stages to them.

You cannot upgrade rarities of items that you already own.

Dead Island 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X & S.

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