Dauntless Season 5 Week 3 Hunt Pass Challenges – Just Blaze

Fire and fury.

Hunt Pass

It’s Friday again, which means another set of Hunt Pass challenges for all you Dauntless Slayers out there. This week, the challenges revolve around Blaze weapons, Blaze patrols and two challenges that can be completed with just a sword. Honestly, it’s probably the easiest set of challenges we’ve covered so far.

Completing a challenge will net you 150 Heartseekers, which is the EXP method used to level up your Hunt Pass. Completing all four challenges will grant you six level-ups, and that’s not including the Heartseekers earned for breaking Behemoth parts and collecting your daily death marks around Ramsgate. Without further ado, here’s Week 3 of Dauntless’ Hunt Pass challenges.


Dauntless Season 5 Week 3 Hunt Pass Challenges

Blazing Fever – [Slay 10 Behemoths using Blaze Weapons] A Thousand Cuts – [Slay 10 Behemoths using Swords or Chainblades] The Classics – [Slay 10 Behemoths using Axes or Swords]

For the purpose of these challenges, Axes and Chainblades just don’t exist, and Blaze Weapons may as well just be changed to a Blaze Sword. In 10 hunts, you can easily knock these three challenges, dedicating your time to Frost pursuits and patrols to get the extra damage. It won’t be long before you’re 450 Heartseekers richer.

Great Balls of Fire – [Complete 10 Blaze Patrol hunts]

As for this final challenge, it’d be best to switch to a Frost weapon to make your life easier during these hunts, but if you spent the previous 10 hunts killing Frost Behemoths, you should have more than enough materials to craft a decent weapon that’ll make these last 10 hunts a doddle. Like we said, it’s an easy week.

Once you’re done with these Hunt Pass challenges, take a long at some of our handy guides, including how the Mastery system works, how to best improve your perks, along with some Beginner’s tips that’ll make starting your journey into the Shattered Isles that little bit easier.

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