Dauntless: Season 5 Week 1 Hunt Pass Challenges – Frosty The Swordsman

Bring a frozen sword, and don't get hit.


The first week of Hunt Pass challenges are now live in Dauntless, allowing you to shoot up the ranks of the Hunt Pass in no time at all. As we mentioned in our guide that we published yesterday, weekly challenges grant 150 Heartslayers, the currency needed to level up your Hunt Pass to unlock new goodies. Level ups only take 100 Heartslayers, so completing a full week of challenges will net you six level ups, not including what you earn from breaking Behemoth parts and collecting daily Deathmarks in Ramsgate. Long story short, they’re worth doing.

The challenges themselves aren’t too taxing, merely time consuming, but with cross-play enabled between PS4, Xbox One and PC, you should have no shortage of Slayers willing to help you out, and you can share your progress across all platforms to boot. Here’s a quick overview of Dauntless’ Week 1 Challenges.


Dauntless Season 5 Week 1 Challenges

Duck and Weave – [Deal 250K damage to Behemoths (getting hit reduces score by 500).]

A Thousand Cuts – [Slay 10 Behemoths using Swords or Chainblades.]

Terra Forms – [Complete 10 terra patrol hunts.]

Frost Hazard – [Slay 10 behemoths using Frost Weapons.]

If you have an ice sword or chain blade in your loadout, you can knock the A Thousand Cuts and Frost Hazard challenges in one go, focusing on Blaze Behemoths in order to make the most of your elemental damage. You could also do the Terra Forms challenge while attempting the other two, but won’t be doing as much damage because of the elements. We’d recommend using Shock weapons against Terra Behemoths.

The Patrol Hunts themselves are unlocked a few hours into the game, after you’ve reached about Slayer Level 7 and completed a few quests, so make sure you’re progressing through the main game as you’re attempting these challenges.

As for the Duck and Weave challenge, it’s hard to avoid getting hit sometimes in Dauntless, but if you’ve got a decent pair of repeaters on hand, you could deal the damage from a distance while everyone else goes in with melee weapons to distract the Behemoth, a strategy I tried employing only to be matched with 3 other people also using Repeaters. The effect kind of wears off in those situations. Either way, a decent player will be able to deal 250K before killing 10 Behemoths, so you probably won’t have to go out of your way to get this one.

The weekly challenges for Dauntless reset every Friday, so be sure to check back here for more information.

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