Darwin Project Launching Their Own Battle Pass

Darwin Project

Scavengers Studio have announced that Darwin Project, their intriguing take on the Battle Royale genre, will be getting a sizable content update on October 16th, including a battle pass with a host of exclusive rewards.

The battle pass forms part of a new content update called The Death and Life of Roger D. Glanton, which looks to delve deeper into the lore of the Darwin Project and its founder. Inmates will be able to learn how things began while earning some Halloween themed items.

The battle pass can be purchased for 1000 Ramen, which is the in-game currency that Darwin Project uses. For reference, 1100 Ramen will set you back £8.39, and the battle pass will contain 50 tiers of rewards valued at over 16,500 Ramen. Yes, this is the most I’ve used the word ramen in a piece of content. If you want more details about the battle pass and the kinds of rewards it’ll contain, check out the official blog.

In other Darwin Project news, the game is also celebrating reaching the 2 million players milestone, which is an incredible achievement, especially in an already crowded battle royale market. Still, we’ve always believed that this game did enough to distinguish itself from the pack.

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