The Dark Tower’s First Poster Has Been Revealed

Dark Tower

It’s a big year for fans of Stephen King. The long-awaited re-imagining of ‘IT’ will be hitting cinemas in September; Hulu have released a teaser trailer for a new series called ‘Castle Rock’ that will be helmed by JJ Abrams and presumably bring to life one of King’s most beloved small town settings; and probably most importantly for the hardcore King fans – July will see the release of ‘The Dark Tower’.

‘The Dark Tower’ is a series of books that centre around the gunslinger, Roland Deschain, as he travels through the remains of his dying world in pursuit of the mysterious Man In Black. It is often considered to be King’s magnum opus.

An incredibly ambitious project, King spent 35 years on The Dark Tower and used it to tie together almost all of his other stories into one rich universe. It isn’t hard to see why the upcoming movie release is so eagerly anticipated.

This weekend we got to see the new teaser poster for the movie.

The Dark Tower poster

It shows an inverted image of a New York City street with Idris Elba’s Roland at the bottom, accompanied by Jake (his symbolic son in the books) and Matthew McConaughey’s Man in Black at the top. The negative space in the middle of the poster creates a tower.

As far as posters go these days, this one is pretty interesting. It has an air of ‘Inception’ about it. The inverted skyscrapers are disorienting. The placement of the central characters seems to suggest moral ambiguity on both sides. The image of the New York City street lends credence to the rumours that this film will take place largely in our world as opposed to Roland’s Mid-World, but the inclusion of the tagline “There are other worlds than these”, an iconic line from ‘The Gunslinger’ suggests otherwise.

The poster has left me hopeful and eagerly anticipating the first trailer which will surely drop in the next month.

As a huge fan of the series, and having followed the progress of this film for years as it was suspended in development hell, it feels good to know that the Tower is close now.

I can almost smell the roses.

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