Cuphead Releases On Nintendo Switch Today

Yay, more ways to hate yourself!


If you’ve found your toilet visits to be far too stress-free for your liking, today is your lucky day with the release of Cuphead on Nintendo Switch.

Developed by Studio MDHR, Cuphead is an infamously difficult side-scrolling bullet hell that sees you playing as the eponymous Cuphead as he gambles away his soul to the Devil — as you do. You can even share the burden with a friend in co-op, who will then take up the mantle of Mugman: Cuphead’s brother. A recent update actually allows you to play as Mugman solo, but it doesn’t make things any easier.

Cuphead consists of traditional platforming levels and an overworld worth exploring, but the main attraction here are the bosses. Whether it’s a giant carrot, cigar, or bastard dragon, Cuphead doesn’t shy away from giving you a challenge. At least it looks bloody lovely.

Previously a Microsoft exclusive only available on PC and Xbox One, Cuphead coming to Switch is an interesting one after its developers previously said that it would never come to PS4, though Switch was not mentioned at that time. Either the exclusivity deal with Microsoft expired or they allowed it to come to Switch to continue the good relationship Microsoft have started building with Nintendo. Either way, the PS4 is almost certainly still never getting it.

Are you picking up Cuphead on Switch today, or have you been punished enough on Xbox to last you a lifetime?

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