Are Crysis Characters Coming To Apex Legends?

Apex Legends dataminers have uncovered two names that will be very familiar to Crysis fans.

Crysis 2

With the most recent patch for Apex Legends also came with it a new opportunity for dataminers to really sink their teeth into the game’s code and see what they could uncover. Considering it was a fairly small patch, the amount of leaks off the back of it has been quite surprising with potentially ten new Legends coming to Apex Legends, but the nods to Crysis may pique the interest the most.

It all began when dataminers discovered two significant data strings that suggested two new Legends, Octane and Wattson, would debut before too long. This is validated a little by another datamine discovering a Twitch promotion before it went live, so anything discovered in the files could potentially come to fruition — though you should always err on the side of cynicism with these things.

Octane allegedly has a Stimpack, which may either be a healing item or be used to speed themselves up while Wattson has a Tesla Trap, which you would imagine functions not dissimilarly to Caustic’s gas traps crossed with the effect of the Arc Stars. Further leaks on Octane have hinted that they may also have a jump pad as an ability, which would be pretty sweet indeed.

However, what might be most interesting to slightly (only slightly) seasoned FPS players are the eight further names that were discovered in the files which are not currently associated with anything. Here are all ten names, courtesy of ApexLeaksNews on Twitter:

– Crypto
– Husaria
– Jericho
– Nomad
– Octane
– Prophet
– Rampart
– Rosie
– Skunner
– Wattson

Two names should immediately catch the eye of Crysis fans: Nomad and Prophet, who is not to be confused with the Call of Duty character of the same name. Prophet is present throughout the Crysis trilogy (let’s just exclude Warhead) whereas Nomad is only in the first game. Yes, they really did Alcatraz dirty — again.

There is another name, Rampart, that is a game that EA published many years ago for PC/DOS, but it’s hard to imagine this name in the files is referencing that. Crypto is the name of the protagonist in Destroy All Humans!, which was made by Pandemic who EA used to own (though they did not publish Destroy All Humans!) before they shuttered them, but I don’t believe a tiny alien will appear in Apex Legends. Skunner, Rosie, Jericho, and Husaria do not seem to pair with anything.

Crysis characters coming to Apex Legends makes too much sense for them not to. Crysis, developed by Crytek, who have since moved on to other things, is owned by EA, who aren’t exactly doing much with the license since the third game underperformed in terms of sales, which may be more of a comment on the amount of FPS games out at the time rather than its quality. Their nanosuits would also be a good fit for Apex Legends with it allowing invisibility (though hopefully not for too long), as well as them just generally fitting the aesthetic. It would also be great to use the bow from Crysis 3 in some capacity, perhaps as Legendary weapon. The only question is why have both characters when they are so similar?

If these two Crysis characters are to be added, it would then open the gates for other EA characters to join the fray, though they honestly don’t have that many to fall back on. Isaac from Dead Space? Cristiano Ronaldo? A Sim? Personally, I would love to see Jack Cooper from Titanfall 2 getting a shot, though having someone who is able to swap between time periods might be a tad overpowered.

The Wingman is still more overpowered, though.

UPDATE: dataminers have found a list of Prophet’s supposed abilities. Them having “precognition”, the ability to see things ahead of time, suggests that this may not be the Prophet of Crysis after all, but we will wait and see.


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