It’s Rainin’ Gators in Crawl’s First Trailer

So Florida has Disneyland, and alligators?

Crawl movie

Director Alexandre Aja has upped the stakes for Crawl. Alligators are apparently not enough of a danger, so we have an impending hurricane thrown in for good measure. This ensures that our main protagonists will not be able to get help from the proper authorities, leaving them to fend for themselves against the gators and inclement weather. Paramount is quick to tack on Sam Raimi’s association with the movie, even though he is only producing and not directing.

After the lackluster trailer churned out for Paramount’s Sonic the Hedgehog, Crawl does have us murmuring with approval a tad more. While the trailer does reveal a bit too much, the glimpse of the performances from Kaya Scodelario and Barry Pepper look promising. Alexandre Aja is also a solid horror director, with a decent filmography under his belt. He made a movie about scary piranhas and did not get slaughtered by the critics. That is a win in my book any day. Move aside sharks, it’s time for the gators to shine in this man vs wild scenario.

Here’s the poster for Crawl:

Crawl movie

The premise of the movie has sent the internet into a tail-spin. I mean, alligators coming out of the water to attack the people of Florida? Sounds more like fact than fiction. Just last year it was reported in an article on BBC that an alligator dragged a woman into a lake, taking her arm off and killing her in the process.

Crawl will be released in cinemas July 12.

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