Cristiano Ronaldo is a Huge Dick in GTA V

Image Soure:

Do you like football? Real Madrid? The footballing world’s biggest ego? Well then this video by TheFifa11videos is the YouTube clip for you.

The creative genius behind this video used a combination of Fifa 11 and Cinema4d to make it appear as if Cristiano Ronaldo has taken some time out from preening himself to come and annoy the residents of Los Santos.

We see him celebrating a goal by the beach, taking his favourite car out for a drive in Blaine County and keeping his millions of Bleeter followers happy with a selfie in Rockford Hills. This video is everything you want it to be, especially when we see CR7 do his thing with a couple of keepy-uppys before smashing a volley against an unsuspecting motorcyclist. No, I didn’t feel bad when I saw this…

Needless to say, it’s a shame that other PC users cannot make use of this amazing creation.

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