BioWare Ceases Single-Player Updates for Mass Effect: Andromeda

BioWare says the previous 1.10 patch will be the final patch and single-player update to the game - details about further multiplayer content are forthcoming.

In a statement on the official website, BioWare has confirmed that Mass Effect: Andromeda will no longer be receiving patches or in-game story content. The beleaguered fourth entry in the sci-fi action-role-playing franchise released earlier this year to considerable flak due to its writing, voice acting, poor animation quality and litany of bugs and glitches, but has since received several patches improving the polish and stability of the game.

I myself was critical of the time I spent with the game – while the gameplay got better as time went on and things opened up, the writing and story in Mass Effect: Andromeda continued to be below even the lowest bars set by the original trilogy’s weaker moments. Jimmy was more forgiving and had a much better time than most with the game.

BioWare has stated that there will be continued support for the game’s multiplayer:

In the coming weeks, our multiplayer team will provide details of their ongoing support and upcoming content, including new multiplayer missions, character kits, and what’s in store for N7 Day.

In addition, the Mass Effect universe will continue on with comics and books, just as the previous trilogy was expanded upon through other mediums. The address closes with a thank you to the “millions of people who came with us to the Andromeda galaxy.”

Despite the mixed reception, it is a shame to see the latest entry in such a venerable franchise lose support so early in its lifetime, though this does match up with EA’s shuffling of personnel and putting the series “on hiatus” for a while. 

“We hope to see you again in the Mass Effect universe,” says the final line of the update from the team. Me too, guys, me too.


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