Biggest New Games of March 2024 – Dragon’s Dogma 2, Ronin & More

Dragon's Dogma 2
Dragon's Dogma 2

Did you think you were going to get a break from the sheer wave of video games that are launching every single day (except on weekends)? No, of course not. It’s a brand new month, which means a fresh selection of video games is on the way to compete for your hard earned cash.

If you’re looking for something new to play over the next month, you’ve managed to claw yourself away from a Helldivers addiction or you’re anything like us and you’re itching to disregard the games you’re already playing for something new and shiny, these are the biggest games of March 2024.


The Outlast Trials | March 5th, 2024

The Outlast Trials

Developer: Red Barrels
Publisher: Red Barrels
Platform(s): PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & S

For a long time now, the Outlast games have been the byword on survival horror games, but sometimes terror is better shared, and The Outlast Trials is designed to scare the most people in the shortest amount of time. Instead of having to deal with psycho killers, murderers and weird cults on your own, you can recruit up to three friends to try and survive whatever the Trials have to throw at you.

While The Outlast Trials has been available in early access for a few months, March 5th will see the game fully launched on PC and consoles. With multiple classes for players to choose from, each with their own unique parts to play in the various missions and levels available, The Outlast Trials could become the next great scary co-op game to play with your pals. You know, if you’re tired of playing Lethal Company for hours on end.


Unicorn Overlord | March 8th, 2024

Unicorn Overlord
Unicorn Overlord

Developer: Vanillaware
Publisher: Atlus
Platform(s): PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & S, Nintendo Switch

A good title is one of the most important parts of a game. You need something that conveys what the game could be about, while being snappy and memorable. Unicorn Overlord, the latest collaboration between Vanillaware and Atlus, boasts probably the silliest name we’ve seen in a long time, and if the demo that launched in February is anything to go, it’s also going to be one of the best strategy/RPG games released.

Set in the backdrop of the Fevrith continent’s conquest by the evil Zenoiran Empire, you control an exiled prince by the name of Alain as he amasses Liberation forces to mount a revolution against the empire. While you explore the overworld, you’ll be drawn into real time strategy battles, seeing you create units of the characters you’ve recruited over the course of the game. With Vanillaware on a fine run of form between both Dragon’s Crown and 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, Unicorn Overlord could be the sleeper hit to watch this March.


WWE 2K24 | March 8th, 2024

WWE 2K24
WWE 2K24

Developer: Visual Concepts
Publisher: 2K Games
Platform(s): PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & S

It’s another year, which means another round of annual sports games, with 2024 starting this tradition with WWE 2K24. After the year break that the WWE 2K series took after 2K20, the series has been hitting new heights of quality, and Visual Concepts have worked hard to ensure that WWE 2K24 goes even further to replicate the WWE experience. From new match types to the biggest roster of wrestlers ever in a WWE game, WWE 2K24 should be the complete package for wrestling fans.

New match types for this year’s edition of the game include the Ambulance and Casket matches, which should be perfect for anyone who’s been jonesing to lock their opponent in various enclosed spaces. Improvements have also been made to the weapons, with a new throw move and a larger variety of weapons, and backstage brawls have even been improved to accommodate for four players. Throw in two brand new stories for MyRise, a Showcase mode celebrating 40 years of WrestleMania and other modes like MyGM and MyFaction, and any wrestling fan will be happy with this.


Dragon’s Dogma 2 | March 22nd, 2024

Dragon's Dogma 2
Dragon’s Dogma 2

Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Platform(s): PC, PS5, Xbox Series X & S

2024 seems like it’s the year of the RPG, with Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, Unicorn Overlord, Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth, Persona 3 Reload and Granblue Fantasy: Relink. March 2024 sees Capcom stepping up to the plate with Dragon’s Dogma 2, a sequel to their cult classic RPG. From what’s been shown in trailers and gameplay, Capcom are sticking to their admittedly idiosyncratic vision for this fantasy RPG, meaning this might not be for everyone, but for those it clicks with, Dragon’s Dogma 2 could be a real GOTY contender.

Despite being a sequel to a cult hit RPG, Dragon’s Dogma 2 doesn’t require players to know anything about the original to get started, as it’s set in an alternate world to the first game. The premise is roughly the same, with a Dragon awakening your power as an Arisen, however this time around you’ll have new classes, races, and characters to interact with, along with brand new areas to explore. Will this be an easy journey? Absolutely not, but it’s probably going to be incredible.


Rise Of The Ronin | March 22nd, 2024

Rise of the Ronin
Rise of the Ronin

Developer: Team Ninja
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Platform(s): PS5

For a huge PS5 exclusive, Rise of the Ronin seems to be receiving a lot less attention than some of the other big hitters in Sony’s catalog, which is a shame as Team Ninja’s latest could really help elevate the Japanese developer to new heights. After releasing an underrated and arguably slept-on banger of a Soulslike in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty last year, you’d think there’d be more eyes on Rise of the Ronin, but hopefully that just means its potential quality will take more people off-guard.

The first ever open world game from the Team Ninja crew, Rise of the Ronin is set in Japan during the last days of the Edo period, where the country erupted into a civil war due to the country’s decision to open up its borders to Western influence. As a customisable ronin, you’ll be able to complete missions and tasks for the various factions and characters within this war, with your choices affecting the story. With support for online co-op too, make sure you call your friends in to help take down/reinforce the shogunate.

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